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So much hear.  Museum_Quality, Anchored_Wilburys, Clapton_Pattie , Hendrix_Ism, Pauls_Dead, Winged_Guitar, Dhanis_Smiled, Humbled_Winwood, StageLeaning_Heroin, MadCat_RedHat, Krishna_Love.
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I am not currently using .  Currently using .  Update your bookmarks. Keep your expectations low.

Could be persuaded to sell . 4 figure start .  Reach out thru the About page.  Dont laugh.  Had this domain for 20 years and it is my name.  There is a politician named Randy Perkins.  Maybe he will want it when he gives it another go.  Last time a couple of his lost souls ended up complaining to me about his political ads.  Stranger things have happened .  Costs very little to keep it going.

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